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The Truth about e-bikes. How people are getting it wrong.


Though electric bikes, known as e-bikes, aren’t exactly new, there are quite a few misconceptions about them that might serve as a deterrent to anyone without the right information.  The first opinion is that e-bikes are not real bikes.  Well, that just depends on how you define ‘real bike’.  If you are a hardcore road bike aficionado, astride a $5,000 specialty racer, then your standard e-bike might not be something you would buy for the Tour de France.  However, winning the Tour is not why people would buy an e-bike, but keeping up with your buddy who wishes he could win the tour would be.  These bikes look and feel like bikes we are all used to riding, but the big difference is the power assist motor will allow you to ride through hills and distances without getting sweaty and fatigued.  So, you can get your workout in and be able to go the extra distance to get to work or complete your weekend touring circuit.

Another misconception people may have about e-bikes is they are only for people with physical limitations.  Though these products are excellent for those who have limitations and will allow these riders to enjoy the freedom and benefits of a bicycle, they are also ideal for riders who want to regain that lost freedom and the other benefits a bike can provide.  My mountain bike has been collecting dust in my garage ever since my football-injury knee and bummed out hip limited me from riding it.  Once those joints were replaced with titanium counterparts, and I was able to ride my regular bike again, why would I want to when I can be on an ultra-chic e-bike that will allow me to vary my workout depending on my mood.  The e-bike gives me the flexibility to push myself further than I thought was possible.  It allows me to cruise that entire canyon road, taking in the scenery and observing the wildlife I might miss if I were digging in to my pedal bike, or to tackle that technical hill climb with my studly buddies without falling behind.  I can get a great workout and push myself using less pedal assist, but call upon more power from my motor if I get tired or winded and don’t want to miss my planned smoothie break. 

Others wonder if a battery recharge is necessary while sucking down that smoothie with the protein shot.  Most e-bikes can travel 25 to 45 miles on a single charge, with the variation in distance coming from either how much you use the pedal assist, the weight of the rider, or the size of the battery you have on your bike. 


One thing that is not a misconception with an e-bike is you can have just as much fun on one as you can on a ‘real bike’.  There is no limit to the freedom you can experience, the fresh air you can fill your lungs with,  the sights you can take in, or the gas you can save.  With all these benefits and the fact you won’t get too tired, why wouldn’t you start riding an e-bike?